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Making videos that
move people.
The Abadi way.

Abadi Al-Obaidi skating on ice
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This is Abadi

Abadi Al-Obaidi in a church

Abadi Al-Obaidi is a freestyle ice skater, circus artist, and media creator based in Canada. He was on tour with Cirque du Soleil's AXEL prior to the pandemic, and has since grown his TikTok to over 600K followers. His audience is drawn to his amazing acrobatic feats, his comedic concepts, and his bold style. He aims to motivate people to be active and creative in their daily lives.

 Ice Skater  Dancer

 Circus Artist   Model

Fitness Expert    Influencer 

Content Creator

His story

To learn more about Abadi, check out these videos and articles:


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